Practice Areas

We organize the firm's lawyers into a number of highly specialized practice groups capable of responding effectively, efficiently and expeditiously to our clients' increasingly diverse needs. Our practice groups, however, do not operate in isolation; teams of lawyers from any number of these specialized groups often work together to provide a seamless interdisciplinary approach that we find critical to effective problem solving.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigators are devoted to the creative resolution of complex business disputes on behalf of both corporate entities and individuals. We represent a diverse client base in a correspondingly broad array of matters. Although the nature of these disputes may vary greatly, our approach to resolving them is consistent. From the outset, we painstakingly marshal the relevant facts, objectively analyze the controlling law, assess the underlying commercial realities and develop a strategy to achieve the client’s business objectives as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Each of our commercial litigators understands this strategy, which is applied to every business dispute we encounter. Our team approach guarantees that each lawyer knows who is doing what and why they are doing it. This allows us to staff our cases leanly from a deep bench of experienced litigators, and we can rapidly expand or contract our litigation teams as circumstances dictate. However, from start to finish, we maintain a core team of experienced litigators whose overriding objective is to materially advance the client’s objectives on a daily basis.

“Litigation for litigation’s sake” has no place in our pragmatic and business-oriented approach. We understand firsthand that litigating complex business issues is enormously expensive and disruptive. For this reason, we vigilantly explore all available means short of a full-blown litigation to effect expeditious and favorable resolutions to disputes, whether through direct negotiation with our adversaries or some means of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration.