Practice Areas

We organize the firm's lawyers into a number of highly specialized practice groups capable of responding effectively, efficiently and expeditiously to our clients' increasingly diverse needs. Our practice groups, however, do not operate in isolation; teams of lawyers from any number of these specialized groups often work together to provide a seamless interdisciplinary approach that we find critical to effective problem solving.

Investigations and White Collar Defense

Our Investigations and White Collar Defense Practice Group draws on decades of success defending public and private corporations, financial firms, investment entities and individuals in highly sensitive, federal and state criminal, civil and regulatory investigations and proceedings. Led by a team of former federal and state prosecutors and enforcement attorneys, our Firm represents clients in all stages of government investigations (including U.S. Congressional, Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, state attorneys general and other agencies) from the inception of an investigation and/or service of subpoenas, through grand jury, indictment, trial, post trial and any appellate process. Some of the group’s most important and sophisticated work takes place before criminal charges even materialize and through a credibility and reputation developed over years in working the governmental authorities, our lawyers have had considerable success in persuading prosecutors not to pursue criminal charges.

As former prosecutors and long-time defense lawyers, members of our White Collar Defense Practice Group are also uniquely qualified to conduct internal corporate investigations into suspected wrongdoing or improprieties. We have led internal investigations on behalf of major corporations involving a broad cast of wrongful conduct involving accounting and financial fraud, illegal financial market activities, regulatory fraud, insider trading, unauthorized trading, accounting fraud and financial malfeasance, marketing timing, market manipulation and obstruction of justice, among others. We have conducted such investigations as a result of our clients’ independent decisions to look into suspected wrongdoing, as well as parallel to ongoing government investigations. Our focus in such matters rests with limiting our clients’ exposure and providing remedial action and disclosures as necessitated by circumstances. We also assist companies in adopting procedures to promote and monitor anti-fraud and other legal compliance measures by designing and implementing legal, financial, technical, audit and other corporate programs and related systems. Working with accountants, computer forensic and other consultants as needed, our lawyers assist clients in taking a proactive role in uncovering improper conduct by their employees, vendors, officers, directors and others.