Practice Areas

We organize the firm's lawyers into a number of highly specialized practice groups capable of responding effectively, efficiently and expeditiously to our clients' increasingly diverse needs. Our practice groups, however, do not operate in isolation; teams of lawyers from any number of these specialized groups often work together to provide a seamless interdisciplinary approach that we find critical to effective problem solving.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital and Exit Strategies

We help companies, boards of directors and shareholders/owners manage their interests in mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and leveraged buy-outs. Unique issues confront entrepreneurs and capital providers who engage the firm for its experience in venture capital deals. These include start-up companies, emerging growth companies and mature businesses in a wide variety of industries — from conventional to technology-based industries. We can represent either portfolio companies or capital providers engaged in equity, mezzanine and/or senior debt financings. Just as important as helping clients close a deal is helping clients choose the proper exit from a deal which can include sales, public offerings, refinancings, recapitalizations, restructuring or the spinning-off of businesses.