Practice Areas

We organize the firm's lawyers into a number of highly specialized practice groups capable of responding effectively, efficiently and expeditiously to our clients' increasingly diverse needs. Our practice groups, however, do not operate in isolation; teams of lawyers from any number of these specialized groups often work together to provide a seamless interdisciplinary approach that we find critical to effective problem solving.

Insurance Litigation

We have a long history of representing insurance carriers in the negotiation and litigation of complex coverage matters. In addition, carriers routinely look to our litigators to handle the most challenging claims asserted against their insureds.

We also have served as counsel to the New York State Superintendent of Insurance in his capacity as rehabilitator of troubled insurers. In that capacity, we have been called upon to determine why those insurers failed or faltered, and prosecute actions to recover wasted or misappropriated assets. We also have pursued actions against third parties, including accountants and brokers, for their role in precipitating the failure of these insurers.